During December (2014)  if you spend $10 or more in the store you can put the December Word Art Product in your cart and it will be FREE!
Simply click on the image above and put the Word Art collection into your cart.  Continue shopping until you have at least $10 or more of other products and the cart will automatically deduct the price of the December Word Art!
The collection includes 116 word art documents and as a bonus we’ve included 46 holiday themed brushes too!
wm-hb-wordartpreview WiredWordsC_kjoi_pvValkyrieDesigns_HolidayWAPVnbk-xmas-WA-escMerryChristmasbrush_LCMlouisel_winter_wordartsLavenderDesignsPREV_ChristmasWordartJulieMead_DecemberwordartHolidayWordArt_Prev_ADHoliday_WordArt_Coppercurls_PrevGTD_ESA_XMAS_WA_COVER_600DitaBDesigns_WinterWA_prevChristmasWA_prevchristaly_wa_xmasbhdesigns_holdaywordart