December Pickle Barrel

Moonlit Night
  6-Pack for just $6
This is a value of $18.49 for only $6!

ONE click buys all six, plus you get the FREE GOODIES:
papery and painted elements

the journal cards downloads are included in the 6-Pack,
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6 pack contains:
40 unique elements (47 in total)
9 papers - 4 accents
4 photo masks - 3x2 scatters
4 overlays and FWP

FREE with purchase of 6 pack
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Moonlit Night 6 pack & FWP
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Maria Rachel Hooley

Congrats Maria Rachel Hooley!
Please, contact me via FB or e-mail


Ann said...

Beautiful kit! Thank you so much.
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2016.

DitaB Designs said...

thank you Ann!