NEW CU 269 - 271 Hand Painted

new hand painted products with the

you can use selected products from
Artisctic Use category
for your artistic projects up to 100 copies
without another license
and up to 500 or 5000 copies with other valid licenses

you can use all my CU products for your CU, PU, S4H
and S4O projects in complience with the

it is not aloved to use more than one element in the same kit
if the final product is sold for $1 or 1 euro or less.
No matter what the basi priceof the product is. it does not apply
to one time promotions less than 1 week.

please, read my new TOU from January 26

CU 269 - 271 + Artistic Use licenses
30% OFF to February 5

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