As many of you know, one of our wonderful designers, Jill Walls, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. We know that many of you love Created by Jill as much as we do here at PBP and have missed her wit and creativity as she's been going through chemo treatments. The digi community is fantastic about coming together to support each other, and now is our chance to help Jill.
We have created two ways that you can show your love and support for her:
1 - Purchase the benefit collab kit What The World Needs Now (Kit 1)
2 - Make a contribution in the amount of your choice through our Contribution to Jill Walls Product.
Please see the ads below for details...and, if you're so inclined, please keep Jill and her family in your prayers and send all the positive thoughts her way that you can. We love you Jill!

Get this template FREE when you purchase the kit by May 7th!

Make a Contribution through the PBP Shop

We have been approached by many of you asking if there is a way you can donate more than the cost of the benefit collab kit to help Jill. So, we have set up a "contribution" product so that you can contribute the amount of your choice. This product is hidden in the shop, but it's linked below, and also in the kit description. Just CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to make a contribution and follow the instructions in the product description. The full cost of the collab kit and/or amount of your contribution will be sent to Jill and her family - we will not withhold any Paypal Fees or sales commissions.
Here's some inspiration from our amazing Creative Team using this beautiful kit. 

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