A few bits of summer

full kit with:
40 elements (46 in total)
+ 9 papers
only $5.59 to June 12

individual packs:
5 arrangements
6x2 overlays (with and without glitters)
10 clusters
13 quick pages

individual packs 20% OFF to June 12

A few bits of summer

collection without quick pages & FWP
only $8.23

collection with 13 quick pages & FWP
only $12.63

collections 45% OFF to June 12

by Carolwenxin

by Helga

by Helga

by Jacqueline

by Jacqueline

by Kamá

by Magnolia

by Magnolia

by Magnolia

by MartinaR

by Bahtoy

by Bright Eyes

by Elizabeth22

by Glori2

by Sanie

by Scrapdolly

by Zanthia

by Pepette

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